A World Without Internet
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A World Without Internet

What would a world without internet be like?

A World Without Internet


What would the world be without Internet? Thats a question that popped into my head as I was surfing the web one day. Would the world be a better place, or a worse place? Would we still be as advanced as we are now with internet? Questions like these kept bubbling up in my brain till I decided to write about it.

The world would probably be a better place no doubt because many people wouldn't constantly be on the internet and neglecting to go to work. Children would not be as readily available to naughty sites on the internet and thus keeping their minds out of the gutter. Friends would get together instead of just chatting to one another through Facebook. People would still be reading and learning all they could from the information they got from them. With more people reading, spelling would become improved greatly. These all sound good, but when you look at the advantages of the internet you are blown off your feet (or at least I was).

The internet plays a greater, better role that sometimes we forget or don't even realize. For instance, without the internet, it would be a lot harder to collaborate and share our work with other people around the world, instead we would either have to meet face to face, or discuss things over the telephone. With the internet we can learn many things that will help us be more successful in our work and in our personal lives. Without the internet great musicians and other talented people would never be able to achieve the fame they truly deserve. Without the internet great ideas wouldn't form in our minds, and if they did we would have those handy online tutorials to help us.

As I though about the virtual world of "no internet" more and more I realized that I had no real answer if having the internet would be more benficial than not having the internet. The conclusion I came up with was that the world should have a controlled internet, that kept the pros from each side of the fence, so to speak. So what do you think, what would be your great solution? Hopefully the questions keep bubbling, and goodbye my friends!

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Comments (4)

its not easy witout interent, thanks for the good article

Ranked #49 in Internet

thanks for the comment! And no, it is not fun without internet!

"A World Without Internet" Even I can't think of it. BTW nice article

Ranked #49 in Internet

Thanks for the post and the compliment! Oh, and yeah a world without internet is kind of like a world without TV and Phone combined.