Attention Writers: Read These Important Reminders to Avoid Being Demoted and Banned in Factoidz
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Attention Writers: Read These Important Reminders to Avoid Being Demoted and Banned in Factoidz

What are the important guidelines for writers that should be followed to prevent being demoted and getting banned from the online writing site? Here are things that should be borne in mind while writing in Factoidz, a fast-growing online writing site.

Many online writers are not mindful of the terms of online writing sites and even the social media sites they join. This is the reason why they get banned or demoted in their status as a writer. This results to lowered earnings and overall disgust and frustration about the site or writing as a whole. But who's to blame? It may be the writer himself because he is not keen about the website's policies. Thus, it pays to pause a little and read thoroughly the terms and conditions and the important reminders provided in the online writing sites before joining, and also periodically check if already a member of the site. You may be heading towards the ravine for all you know.  

Terms and Conditions Change

In a fast growing site such as Factoidz, terms and conditions may change through time because of the behavior of the incoming traffic in the site as well as the nature of its writers. To match the progress made along these concerns, the Factoidz management must make changes that will strike a balance both for writers' and the management's interests alike. Management actions need to be implemented to keep the site running (pay the electric bills, the employees and administrators, improve or expand it, recuperate investments or any other purpose it wants to achieve) while accommodating writers' interests, primarily that of earning substantial income for their painstakingly written articles (this is only true for the serious ones).

Reasons for Change in Policies

There are many possible reasons for change in policies. More spammers may be coming in and transgressors of the terms and conditions can lower the quality of online articles submitted in the site. This will lower the page rank of the writing site which is bad for a site that relies on incoming traffic. As, a website creation company, succinctly put it "Traffic is the lifeblood of any business". More traffic than usual for just an individual may mean that certain unfair or undesirable practices just to get more views are applied by some writers which need to be addressed. And even some writers (if you may call them that) just plagiarize content from other writers. Some, lazy to write original content, simply copy in toto their own content written somewhere and post it in another online writing site. That will be okay unless the online writing site, like Factoidz, wants original articles.

Getting Less Earnings Than Usual?

Some may be puzzled why they seem to be getting less earnings than usual, get many returned articles or even banned from the site. This is because they have not read the important sections in the terms and conditions.

In Factoidz, the following terms and conditions and what they mean, are the crucial elements that need to be followed or you risk your account. You may be demoted, and ultimately, get banned. The important phrases are highlighted by the author and inserted his own understanding of the information (in parenthesis and italics) to help clarify the points:

What type of content should be published on Factoidz?

Factoidz focuses on articles that are factual, informational guides on specific topics. These should explain how to do something or provide detailed and well-researched facts about a particular subject, or provide a list of resources or tools to help the reader accomplish a goal. Text, images, and video, and should be formatted into paragraphs and sections to make them easily scannable (This is important to make your article more search engine friendly). Opinions, anecdotes and color commentary are now accepted but the primary focus of a Factoid must be to provide usable information and facts.

How are the earnings calculated?

Earnings are based on a combination of three major factors, i.e., traffic generated by the article, content quality or uniqueness, and active participation in the community of writers or answering readers' questions, among others:

1. Traffic: More traffic to articles means more earnings. In general, traffic from search engines will earn the highest rates (Writers, therefore, should devote time in finding out which keywords work best. Use this author's tips in Six Surefire and Nonintrusive Tips to Drive Website Traffic to Your Online Articles)

Important Note: Utilization of traffic acquisition tools, services, or swaps is strictly prohibited (This means you should not use the service of SEO companies but just rely on search engines bringing traffic to your articles). If Factoidz management detects any irregular traffic patterns (this means sudden spurts or spikes in your traffic all or most of the time while having only a few articles; see this author's actual spurt in traffic due to one article) your status as a writer will be immediately and permanently suspended.

2. Content quality/uniqueness: Factoidz editors monitor the overall quality of writers' submissions. As a writer develops his/her reputation as an expert in a field or as a good writer, his/her rate of earnings will increase over time. Quality means that the articles should be error-free (make sure you use the integrated spelling checker and for the staff writers, read thoroughly your work before publishing), selection of unique and engaging topics (unique means nobody thought and wrote about it before, a rather thought-provoking piece which is quite a challenge), use of clear and elegant writing style, and submission of good article formatting and spacing (This one important factor related to aesthetics is overlooked by many). The primary indication that you did it right is the amount of traffic your article brings in.

3. Active participation on Factoidz. Active participation means that writers should publish frequently (writing at least an article or a batch of articles every three days) and contribute their knowledge in the forums. Factoidz encourages this by providing a bonus in earnings (although this author is not aware if there is any note given that this bonus has been given to anyone; but he noticed occasional small additions to his earnings, aside from the regular daily increases).

Duplicate Content

Factoidz only publishes content that is original and unpublished on other websites. You may publish your articles in other sites but you should make sure that these are published 30 days after you publish them on Factoidz. Any violations of the duplicated content policy will result in immediate account closure (see Editorial Guidelines and Policies in the Write Factoid page).

Are Links Permitted?

Links are permitted but these links should contain additional information about your article's topic. Those links should be made in websites that have high-traffic and are trusted. Factoidz does not allow any affiliate or promotional links within your Factoids, nor any links that are included with the intent to promote a website or service (this author wonders if having the Factoidz promotional link is also included but the next sentence may provide the answer). Factoidz, however, will make an editorial determination for links when your article is reviewed.

Knowledge is power. So take time and read always the terms and conditions of a given website to prevent mishaps and avoid complaining about the online writing site's policies just because you didn't read their terms and conditions.

If you are not yet a member of Factoidz, it's high time you click the link below and enjoy exposure as a writer while at the same time earn significant income for your effort. Just make sure you did your best such that you are able to build a good reputation that will attract more readers to read your stuff. Who knows, you will discover the hidden writer in you.

Source of Terms and Conditions

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Comments (43)

good article

Thanks! This factoid provided some very essential reminders. I will keep them in mind. I write because I wish to popularize physics and other subjects, and would not wish to miss this opportunity via foolish actions.

Thanks for the reminders.

The spurt shouldn't result in an automatic ban...I wrote an article elsewhere which suddenly made a spurt..I din't nothing...the topic just suddenly became need to know...suppose I wrote an article "keeping Meerkats as pets" and got a 100 hits. Then Barack decides to keep a Meerkat as a pet and everyone starts googling; "keeping meerkats as Pets?' see the point?

Great guidelines, but sometimes you do get a spurt, while using the promotional options, like social networking on Twitter and stuff like that. If that was not allowed, I do not think you had the option. I also agree with Suzann. I tweeted up all my articles today because I read and article on it here, never thought of it and suddenly my views went up, while I did not expected it. My only concern is not to write pure entertainment that is socially irrelevant, but based on things I know or looked up.

Excellent and helpful piece Patrick. Everyone should take note.

It's good business – and not laziness – to place some of your previously published articles at other sites that do accept reruns. From my experience, it will give you more earning power. I wonder what the next level of demotion is for a member? Gofer, maybe?

Very important points, i got banned from ehow for mass emailing other members. Once bitten twice shy.

I totally agree, but I had a certain boom in my views today, I did not count on, when I was kind of experimenting on promoting older artilces to regain some traffic on them for the articles I was planning to write today. Keep in mind that all honest gained views, also earn for Factoidz. So I do think that banning writers for increasing their views and figuring out how they can do it within the rules of the site, is not a great idea.

Good article clarifying important issues. Thanks.

It can't be automatic. Oh Suzann gets 300 views a day, today she got 1000...must be some trick. Depends on the topic, and the interest at the time.

Useful article........

Excellent articles ...

Really helpful article, it explained a lot.

Cut it any way you like, it reeks of sensorship and subjective political correctness. Are these conditions the future of online writing and journalism?


Ranked #3 in Internet

Thank you fellow writers for taking time to read this article and share your ideas. I learned a lot about how you view things from your responses. @Shastri, we need to be careful that we always comply with a website's rules as we treasure what we write. @Susann and Martine, I agree with you both but I'm not really quite sure how irregular traffic will be determined. That, actually, is my own understanding as I've mentioned. Factoidz just probably want to make sure nobody makes a dishonest move. @William, your point is right. There are sites that accept links to original articles and that's where I post my articles without necessarily copying them in toto. Copying the exact contents can lower your Google rank as the duplicate content will be sent by the search engine at the end of the search queue. @Peter, that's something I don't want to experience. Thanks for sharing your experience. @James, well that's your viewpoint and I respect it.

Good article. Some points in there I had not considered. Thanks!

Nicely done. A couple of the most demanding sites to write for are Demand Media A.K.A and they have very strict editorial policies that are constantly updated and anyone submitting to them are expected to know and abide by the latest revision. they are sites geared toward those of us who earn our livelihood by writing. Writing for Factoidz is a cakewalk compared to writing for those sites. Each of those sites have a rigid application procedure that a writer has to go through before being able to submit to them and then the writer is put on a probationary period until he or she has proven his or her professional ability. For those who make the cut, the time and effort was well spent. They demand the highest quality and they get it because they pay a writer what he or she deserves. I started out to say that Demand Media and Experts123 both announce on their publishing tool page when their was any changes made in their guidelines or usage policy with a clickable link to down load the new guidelines and/or policy changes. They make it easy for their contributors to stay current and that something that Factoidz might consider doing.

Very infromative and helpful advice. Thanks for this article.

I noticed some articles written by people who are at 'member' level. Does this mean that if you get banned, factoidz keeps your articles and continues to profit off them, or is it just a mistake to see members with factoids posted?

Nice post and very well understood.

This is in response to Kenneth Eiderman's comment. If a writer is banned by Factoidz for misconduct Factoidz does have the right to keep articles already published on the site that author had published on the site before the authors was banned from publishing on the site. On the other hand, if the banned author requests that those articles be removed from the site and makes that request in a professional and courteous manner to Mike Q., Mike will pull them. My relationship with Mike goes back to almost the very beginning of Factoidz and, if he is anything, he is fair to everyone involved with Factoidz,

I am relatively new to online writing and I really do appreciate learning to do it right. I enjoy my writing and do understand that there are some underhanded ways to do things. I do prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt, but it does happen. Thank you for this help and insight. I appreciate it.

Very well taken. Thank you. Friend, fan, smile

Thanks for that! Although I get spurts in my traffic when I promote via Twitter. Would that affect my earnings?

Excellent work Patrick! Very,very useful information for anyone here on factoidz as well as other writing sites. Good stuff my friend!You have my vote and buzz.


Unless Google changed their dealings in the last couple of months, re-publishing the same article on other domains does not affect Google ranking. They are considering the impact of this, but to date, it will not. At least according to a recent WebProNews newsletter that interviewed Google on the matter. Republishing is like syndication. -Pick up any Sunday newspaper across North America and I guarantee that you will find PEANUTS comic strip in each and every one. This is a very similar correlative. Same content across different outlets. Unless you are subscribed to The Seattle Post and The New York Times, never the twain shall meet. Still, one might be minimizing potential traffic by sharing venue outlets. We certainly see this when someone in China, India or the Used-to-be S.S.R. steals our content and publishes it on their own site and promote it for themselves... :-< I think one gets paid best when committing a single article to a single publishing venue. :-)

Very interesting article and comments.

Well. I was demoted to Member for questionable promotion. Suspension to me means I can be reinstated and I'm working on it. No explanation has been forthcoming as to what promotion was questionable. Another writer thinks it is possibly a link to my factoidz that was posted in a comment on another writing site. I removed it.

It is a good thing I came across this post. I posted a factoid on the Licensure Exam for Teachers and in a few hours, the views spurted from 2 to 81. And that's because the exam is nearing. My earnings dropped a bit, and I was very confused. I am wondering about posting of factoidz links on other writing sites or n comments. The factoidz SEO guide includes tips on backlinking, so it should not be penalized.

Happy to update that I was reinstated after 2 months and am now Staff Writer. What I've learned is that linking to other Factoidz is acceptable, even encouraged. Linking to relevant sites is acceptable. Linking to articles from other writing sites is not acceptable even if they are your own.

Thanks for sharing Irene. I'm confused about the linking issue but your comment enlightened me, and many others, I'm sure.

Important reminders indeed, thanks Patrick. I enjoyed going through all the comments too. I agree that a surge in traffic to any particular article should be carefully looked at before the writer is demoted or banned. I would suspect that Factoidz checks their website stats which possibly includes where each article is getting its traffic from - I can do this on my own sites, so I would think Factoidz does too - because there are many articles, and because checking their stats is maybe not something they do every day, if Factoidz demotes a writer, I'm sure they would be reasonable about checking their stats if the writer who knows he or she did nothing wrong enquires about it. Regards Google and duplicate content, Google may very well place a duplicate article lower down in search results or rankings, but on some sites much of the traffic comes from the members themselves, or from people looking to buy content, so it does not yet concern me too much. Sometimes a writer can place their Factoidz article on their own site too (at least three days later) to give further information to their visitors who were already often visiting their site anyway. Isn't this what people who use articles from Ezine Articles do? It probably wouldn't help too much if their entire site consisted of articles they got from Ezine Articles, but if they use just one or two from Ezine, they are providing their current visitors with more helpful information. The same would apply to people who buy Constant Content articles with usage only rights, I guess. If placing your duplicate articles on more than one site, I think it is very important to use the same pen name (or your real name) at all times. Of course, be sure to check through the terms and conditions of each site that you belong to, as is highlighted in this excellent article by Patrick.

Ranked #3 in Internet

Thanks Teresa. I'm glad writers gain important insights from this article. It always pays to be mindful of a writing site's terms and conditions.

Finally, the rules have changed regarding republication. It's not 3 days after but 30 days after an article had been published at factoidz so it is really amusing how it could be a little difference between 3 and 30 if one's eyes missed to see the zero. There's really nothing permanent in the planet but the changes.

@ deep blue - thanks for pointing out that the republication time period is now 30 days and not 3 days - it's an important one not to miss.

@ deep blue - I went looking to confirm the change from 3 days to 30 days, and I found this in the FAQ section: "Can I submit content that I've published on other websites? No, Factoidz only publishes content that is original and unpublished on other websites. You are free to publish your articles 3 days (72 hours) after you publish them on Factoidz. Any violations of our duplicated content policy may result in demotion or account suspension." If the rule has changed in another place on the site, I do hope Factoidz soon adds the change to FAQ section too, or it could be a bit confusing.

@ deep blue - I went looking to confirm the change from 3 days to 30 days, and I found this in the FAQ section: "Can I submit content that I've published on other websites? No, Factoidz only publishes content that is original and unpublished on other websites. You are free to publish your articles 3 days (72 hours) after you publish them on Factoidz. Any violations of our duplicated content policy may result in demotion or account suspension." If the rule has changed in another place on the site, I do hope Factoidz soon adds the change to FAQ section too, or it could be a bit confusing.

Ranked #3 in Internet

I saw this change a few weeks back but somehow the need to make changes in this article escaped my mind. Now, I updated that portion on duplicate content. Indeed in the FAQ section, this rule was not changed. The Factoidz administration must have missed it.

Thanks for all the info.

Yes, good article, but who here knows how to actually contact Factoidz editors if there is a question. The absolute anonymity of the Factoidz staff makes me apprehensive about the way that they conduct business. Demotion, whatever, and there is no recourse. If I wrote four similar articles and three get approved and one does not, it would be a great thing if I were able to ask for specific information instead of getting "TWO STRIKES" against me. I'm not against Factoidz, one bit.. .but I am against not being able to communicate with the person who rejects my article. If anyone has contact information for Factoidz administration or editors, please share?