Earn Cash, Gift Cards, or Cool Items With Zoombucks
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Earn Cash, Gift Cards, or Cool Items With Zoombucks

Earn Cash, Gift Cards, or Cool Items With Zoombucks. How to earn money, gift cards, or items on Zoombucks.

I do a lot of sites on line to earn extra cash or gift cards.  One of my favorite ones is Zoombucks.com.  Zoombucks has a variety of ways to make money and the point add up pretty quickly. 

On Zoombucks you can earn points a variety of different ways. You can earn money by doing a search. You are not guaranteed to win points with every search, but you usually don't have to do many searches before you are awarded some points.  You can also click on the ZDaily box on the left and side, and you will usually win points by doing that as well, there is no guarantee but most the time you will get points for doing this.  To watch videos to earn points you just click on where it says, "Earn Points" then click on Video Rewards and the videos that are available will come up.  Just watch them and watch for numbers that will appear around the frame of the video and then enter those numbers at the end. 

You can also click on many other offers to earn additional cash if you like.  To check out those offes click on Be sure to click on the free link because a lot of times there will be videos there for your to watch for some additional points. To do this click on the "Earn Points" box.  Then in the center of the page you will see an area that says, "Complete offers and Earn ZBucks."  Then you can click on any offers below that you want to do.  I alway like to click on Free and see what I can get without having to buy something or download something.  You will notice also that there will be some clickable links at the top that say things like, "Matomy" and "Payment Wall."  Click on each one of those because they all have different offers.  Also scroll down to the bottom of the page and see if you won a Zoombuck.

You can also do a variety of daily surveys to win ZBucks, if you qualify for the surveys this is a good way to earn Zoombucks really fast as most of them are worth around 65 Zoombucks a piece.

There are also promo codes that you can get, but I have a lot of trouble finding those.  If you get a code you just type it into the promo code box and collect Zoombucks. 

They just put in a new addition for earn poins and that is the bonus bar.  Collect 200 Zoombucks and you will get a bonus of 10 Zoombucks.

Zoombucks also has a referral program were you can earn each time one of your referrals logs on and earns. 

Rewards start at just 300 points.  When you go to cash in your awards you just go the awards store.  The item you can get for 300 points is a USB cord.  If you prefer cash you can cash out for a paypal payment of for just 650 points for a $5 paypal payment. At 1000 points you can cash out for a vareity of different $10 gift cards such as an Amazon gift card, a Borders, gift card or a K-Mart gift card among others. After that there are a variety of things you can cash in for. 

It usually takes about 3 weeks to get your payment from paypal, but it is a reliable site and though it make take a little longer than some sites to pay I promise you will be paid.  I have been paid 3 times by Zoombucks.  Gift cards can take more or less time depending on their availability.

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