Facebook and Teenagers
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Facebook and Teenagers

Face book is a good source of information but as we are finding by watching the news or even our own children, facebook is being sorely abused. Now facebook has become a hunting ground

Facebook was designed to be a great place to communicate with friends and family, even for business information. A simple place to share information and photos and stay in touch, what a great idea right.  The problem is that our teens and young adults are spending more than just their free time on face book.  These kids are not just sharing important information, getting help with school work or keeping in touch with out of the area family.

Facebook is being used not only as a babysitter but as a way to bash and bully other people.  Personal information is now being passed around the world like secret from a 5 year old.  School work is slipping, in fact the majority of the kids today are spending even their school time on their cell phones sending messages across Facebook. 

Facebook is now an underage dating site.  This is where you go find the latest personal gossip that's posted by others or to post the gossip you recently heard.  What many may not understand is that whatever they post about who ever they are posting about will reach not only everyone on their page but those that have access to the friends page as well.   When did we loose the importance of keeping your personal life person?  Why is okay to slander others to the whole world when you can be sued for speaking out of turn.

Something needs to be done.  Yes it is the obligation of the parent to step in and monitor the child or teens activity but this is not always happening.  An even bigger issue is that the children of today are far more comfortable using the computer and finding ways to get around the rules than parents may be at setting them.

Face book is a good source of information but as we are finding by watching the news or even our own children, Facebook is being sorely abused. Now Facebook has become a hunting ground for criminals of a wide range.  Phone numbers and addresses are no longer personal either.  Where is this going next, I'm afraid to ask.

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