Guide to PTC: Please Think Before You Click
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Guide to PTC: Please Think Before You Click

Guide in joining PTC sites. What you should know about PTC.

Experts know how well the tag line "easy money" works in any market and it is how PTC or paid to click became an online blockbuster. If you are spending hours on network sites, you will easily agree that signing-up to at least 3 PTC sites will not bother you. Free membership, easy registration, convenient cashout options, and just seconds to view an ad will not even make you break a sweat to earn money at home. More so, it is just hard to resist those proof of payments that current members are showing you. "Nothing to lose, so much to gain" is how they want you to see it.

Whether you are an amateur to PTC or you are one of those clickers who are starting to lose interest, here are list of facts that PTC masterminds cover up from their members.

PTC tricks that are often overlooked

Available advertisements for free members Your first day to click can be a full-load of adverts. It is what they do to welcome members and set an impression that visiting your account everyday equals to more adverts. But it is just false hope as you will notice that lesser ads will be on your bucket being a free member.

Click rate Average rate of an advert is USD .01 which seems sensible enough. However, there are sites that pay as low as .00001 per click. Others will convert your clicks to points then to cash. An advertisement might take at least 30 seconds to load and get validated but when you are to maintain 3 or more sites then you are at least glued for 30 minutes a day to earn no more than an accumulated value of 10 cents. 

Cashout rate and conditions Earning your cents can be tiresome by the end of 2nd week but cashout amount often range from $2 to as much as $10. Impatient members often quit and let go of whatever they've earned which then benefits the PTC site.

Renting referrals Earning more through PTC depends on their rule for referrals. As it is realistically difficult to get direct referrals, you can rent or buy random clickers as your referrals. Some sites have packages like .75c per 3 rentals, some charges as much as $3 for 1 referral. You earn as they click but not the full value and renewal is usually every month.

Make PTC work for you

Although PTC sites can be really tricky with their members, most of them really pay consistent clickers. The worst thing that may happen to PTC hunters is signing-up to a scam. You should check the name of the site under the scam list before joining. Empty forum is a common sign that a site is a hoax, so you better ignore its hefty promises or you will become a victim. 

If you are still not earning like how you are promised, it can be due to your strategy with renting referrals. Join discussions of expert members so you can use their tips. Don't decide at once on adding fund from your pocket for getting more referrals or for upgrading your status. Remember that you are almost defenseless by the time you realize that you fell prey to a fraud or consumer trick.

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Comments (7)

I never really got the appeal of PTC sites, but I know some people who are really click-happy on multiple PTC sites. I'll show them this article.

Ranked #31 in Internet

Thank u for the vote and comment Karina

I have been clicking for a while and havnt made much money, i may give up soon. In any case if you can write its better to write articles and its a dam sight more interesting.

Ranked #31 in Internet

same goes here Peter. I was even a victim of a ptc scam O_o so i'm writing from experience.

Preng Lim

Well, I don't usually go to these sites. But since, a good friend introduced them to me, I think I might try soon.

Good work!


i have already purchased the guide but not yet downloaded will you need a reference to proof

There are many Pay To Click scam websites on the Internet. Imagine that you are clicking a website link for nothing? It is better to write articles than clicking ads. Thank you for sharing this great and informative article.