How to Find Broken Blog Links and Fix Broken Links in Blogger
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How to Find Broken Blog Links and Fix Broken Links in Blogger

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If your Blogger blog doesn't seem to improve its page rank no matter what you do then one of the reasons could be broken links. A broken link is a link (hyperlink) which does not take you to the required page when you click on it.

Locating broken links on your blog

The difficulty with having broken links on a Blogger blog is that first you have to find the broken links and you don't really want to waste your time going link by link through the blog clicking on every link to check whether in works. Luckily there are several websites which find broken links for you. The site which finds broken links which I have used is iwebtools.broken link checker. It's very simple to locate broken links on your Blogger blog using this tool.

Enter your blog URL (web address for example: …) into the box provided on the broken link checker and click on "Check", the program will go through your Blogger blog searching for any broken links.

The results of the Broken Link Check includes broken image links (the links you get when you click on the image on your blog); broken links in your blog adverts (if you have affiliated links for example); broken links in your Blog Roll and of course broken links in your blog post titles and blog post text.

The Broken Link Checker then gives you a list of all the links on your blog with a tick next to the links which work and a red X next to the links which are broken.

Fixing the broken links on your blog

Now that you have located the broken links in your Blogger blog and broken image links you now need to fix them or delete them.

  • From the link URL you can see the subject of the link within the body of the link.
  • Go to the page of your blog that you think or know the broken link is from.
  • Click on the link and see if it is broken just in case you have not identified it correctly.
  • Then you can either delete it completely or correct it by deleting the link and replacing it by a new working link.
  • Once you have worked your way through the broken links on your blog, enter your blog name into Broken Link Checker again and re-check. You can do 10 free broken link checks each hour on iwebtools.
  • The list of broken links should now all be marked with a tick, or if you have missed a few broken links repeat the fixing process as described above.

Once your Blogger blog is broken link free you should find that within a month you Alexa rating and your page rank will improve.

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Comments (11)

Broken links really matter, very useful Petal. Bookmarked.

Ranked #12 in Internet

I am practicing my blogging skills and your article is on time! Thanks for sharing!

Very useful and informative share. Article also very well-written and reader friendly. Thanks for sharing the information on finding and fixing broken links in blogger. Voted up!

Very informative and should be a big help to the newbies.

Ranked #32 in Internet

Sometimes I experienced broken links...Thanks for the tips.

Ranked #13 in Internet

Great tips.

Wow , great post buddy ! In case of Wordpress , I use a particular plugin for fixing broken links , but I didn't ever know that we can also check for broken links within Blogger blogs . Thumbs up dude !!

Ranked #4 in Internet

I haven't had much luck with Blogger. Since I switched to a self-hosted Wordpress site selling my own services, I've more than tripled my income, in a small amount of time.

This is very helpful Petal. However, the last thing you want to do it delete a post because it turns up a 404 page, and that's terrible when Google starts collecting them. If you can save the post by just typing post removed, it's a better approach.

Ranked #5 in Internet

Lauren I see your point. Can you tell us more about this? I actually didn't realize the error page would appear if you deleted the post!

Yes,The Broken Link Checker is great! I use it too and I would def recommend it to others.

It's one of the most useful plugins ever, by my humble opinion.