How to Make Money Sharing Links
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How to Make Money Sharing Links

This article lets readers know about a unique web site where they can earn extra cash for sharing web site links with others. Earning is extremely easy, you will need a Twitter account and having a Facebook account can be beneficial as well. The article tells exactly what you need to do to earn some extra cash.

There are many ways to make money on line and Twitter is a big part of that and so is Facebook anda a good handful of other sites because you can promote things on there.  For the online wirter Twitter is an essential for promoting one's articles and helping all of us make more money.  There are plenty of people who are not writers though who would still like to earn some extra income.  Let's face it writing on line is not easy.  We have to come with ideass for things to write about, figure out a good title and then sit down and construct a decent article.  Not everyone has the time or the desire to do that.  If you don't write your internet earning options are severey listed but there are still some ways to make cash on line and you don't have to write anything at all except perhaps an occasional sentence or two.

One such web site where you can earn money for doing little more than sharing links with others is  Mylikes is a site that advertises web sites for other web sites.  Mylikes lists their advertisers web sites on their site and has their members pick the ones they want to promote.  Then members click on the links they want to advertise and then send a message via Twitter or Facebook or both in some cases.  Then when ever someone goes to that person's Twitter account or Facebook account and then clicks on one of those links and visits the linked web site the member gets paid. Obviously gets paid for each link that is viewed and they share that income with their members.  If you have a large Twitter following you can make a lot of money. 

Mylikes does set a limit on how many things you can Tweet or send through Facebook.  Usually I can send 3 or 4 a day then they send me a message telling me I am sending to many and I have to wait till the following day to send me. 

You can see how easy it is, all you do is click a button that says that you are sending the link to Twitter. 

There is also a referral program and you get rewarded when your referrals do well. 

Mylikes is the only web site I know of that pays weekly.  As long as you have a dollar in your account every Friday you will get paid.  You will need to have a paypal account as the money goes directly in to your paypal account every Friday.  That is one of my favorite features of the site aside from the fact that is so simple to do.  They even send you emails suggesting links that you can send and of course those emails remind you to make sure and send out some links each day. 

So what are you waiting for?  Click here to join and start making some easy extra cash.

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Thanks for sharing this information.  I like the idea of a site that allows sharing of links.  I think I like the site already.

Thank you for doing this work to bring this to my attention.

good tips

I'll check out that site.

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