MS Access Tutorial: How to Publish Microsoft Access Data to the Web
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MS Access Tutorial: How to Publish Microsoft Access Data to the Web

This tutorial will show you how to publish your Microsoft Access data on the World Wide Web.

You can publish Microsoft Access data to the web by creating a static HTML page, which is a web page that doesn’t change. MS Access allows you to create two types of web pages: data access pages and server-generated HTML. Data access pages allow web users to work with the information in your database, while server-generated HTML allows users to automatically see the most recent data found on the database. You may need to know this information to decide which type of web page to create.

NOTE: As the name suggests, a static web page does not change or update automatically. This means that, if the data on your MS Access database changes and you want those changes to appear on your web page, you will need to repeat the process defined in this tutorial.

Publishing Microsoft Access Data on the Web

1. The first thing you need to do is open a database. You can select any database you wish to publish on the World Wide Web.

2. Once you have opened the database, you will need to select the item you wish to publish. In this tutorial, we will use a report. For example, you may decide to publish an report named “Client Home Phone List”. You are not limited to publishing reports however. If you want, you can actually publish queries, tables, and forms using this same technique. Double-click the item you wish to publish to continue.

3. After selecting an item, File button located near the top of the window. Select Export in the dropdown menu that appears. The next window will give you the option of an export format and filename. Click on the Save as type pull-down menu and select HTML Documents. This will convert your report to a web format. Create a filename for your report. Keep the filename short. After selecting a name, click the Save button to continue.

4. Microsoft Access will then use HTML templates to add automatic formatting options to the reports. This is very useful if you publish many reports on the World Wide Web and you want keep your websites similar. Click OK to continue.

5. The new HTML files will then be stored on your computer. You can now use the FTP program of your choice to upload the files to your web server. You should be done. Double-check your website to make sure that the finished product was properly published.

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