How to Write Successful Free On Line Recipes
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How to Write Successful Free On Line Recipes

Successful writing on line How to successful recipe writing on line Internet free recipes

Recipes can be published in articles on a number of article publishing sites like Factoidz, Triond and Bukisa, and although these are free online recipes for budding cooks, you as an online writer still need to get readers interested in your recipes in order to make any money

It's great to share fresh recipes online but the trick is to get people interested in the recipe from the moment they see it in the Google search results. If the recipe looks confusing or complicated they won't give it a second glance let alone use the recipe to cook. Here are some tips for successfully writing your free recipes for the Internet. Most of the people searching for free recipes on line are not experts and so the easier you can make it for them to use your recipe the better.

Recipe Cooking and Baking Measurements conversion

To write successful recipes on line you need to take into consideration those who use a different measurement system to you. If I am looking for a free recipe on line and I come up against American measurements - which I don't understand - I will often just abandon the recipe and go looking elsewhere on the net. There are plenty of free recipes and if your free recipe in any way puts them off they can quite easily find an alternative free recipe on line.

So when listing ingredient measurements with your recipe on line make the reader's life easier and give the equivalent measurement in both the American and British system at least. If the reader doesn't have to go searching the web for mesurement conversion tables they may be more inclined to use your recipe.

The best measuring method for on line recipes

Even better than providing the converted measurements why not list all the ingredient measurements in cups instead of liters, quarts, grams and ounces. For the casual cook looking for fresh recipes, cups are much easier to understand and you don't need any special measuring equipment. Generally speaking a cup is a cup.

American and British Cooking and Baking Terms

When I'm faced with a "stick" of butter or "broil" the veggies in an free on line recipe I simply move on to a recipe I can understand more easily. For successful writing use terms in your recipes that are internationally understood, and if that is not possible then put the British/American equivalent or explanation in parenthesis. There are just too many chocolate cake recipes on line for a British person to go searching to find out what shortening is.

The Layout of a Free On Line Recipe

Recipe Title

Although a chocolate cake is a chocolate cake something has to make your free recipe stand out on the Internet. So add adjectives which appeal to a particular audience, and as wide an audience as possible. Adjectives such as "easy recipe", "quick recipe for…" or creamy, delicious, mouthwatering, rich and to-die-for! For even more successful writing use your title to reach your target audience by including phrases like: vegetarian food recipe or Kosher food recipe.

Recipe Ingredients

The ingredients of a recipe should be written as bullet points. Although some recipes require a lot of unusual ingredients the most searched for recipes on line are the easy recipes and day to day recipes. If there are unusual or hard to find ingredients then suggest where they can be bought, alternative recipe ingredients and other forms of the same ingredient.

On Line Recipe Instructions/Method

Recipe instructions should be numbered, making each step clear to follow. The recipe instructions should not read like a novel but rather like an instruction manual. If the instructions to your recipe are long winded the average baker will give up before they even start. These days people's attention spans are shorter and they expect everything to be in bitesize, and easily accessible.

Make Your Recipe Popular

Adding a photo or photos to your free recipe will help interest people, as will short anecdotes and trivia about the recipe, but keep this to a minimum.

As with any successful writing on line you need to load your free recipe with SEO words, this means repeat the name of the food you are preparing a few times throughout your recipe. For example you can write Orange Cake Ingredients and Orange Cake Instructions/Method.

When it comes to tagging your recipe in bookmark sites and search engines include other categories that may be relevant to your recipe like: dairy, meat dish, kosher, vegetarian, vegan, chicken recipe, healthy recipe, kid's food, party food, comfort food, winter food, diet food, summer food and traditional food.

If your free on line recipe is easily understood and clearly laid out then the only thing that can make your recipe not successful is if the recipe itself is not a good one- the proof is in the pudding!

So if you are ready to start writing recipes online join Factoidz, the article directory which pays the best!

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Comments (6)

Good tips! It's definitely important to make your recipe stand out. "Easy" and "vegetarian" are sure to get my attention when it comes to recipes, but they also have to be unique in some way to keep my interest.

Good information on writing an an online recipe. thanks

Great tips, Petal!

Great advice. I've only written one online recipe, but these tips are very helpful.

really very well written article. BUZZ it up! :0 keep it up :)

Great ideas! I love writing recipes and this article will help me write them even better! Thanks. : )