The Effect That Google's New Algorithm Is Having On Content Websites
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The Effect That Google's New Algorithm Is Having On Content Websites

How the changes in Google has effected various content sites.

The beginning of February Google changed it's algorithm in order to put quality content that was rich in useful information high on their search pages while lowering poorly written content to the rear of the pack. This caused a lot of upheaval on content writing sites with many of these sites losing a great deal of revenue and writers losing out on views they once enjoyed because they had the right “SEO”

The effect on some of these websites and writers has been enormous. While some fine writers are actually gaining views from their quality articles many other writers whose main focus on keywords rather than quality have found the hit to their income depressing. Here are just some of the sites that are showing the effects of the changes in google.

Associated Content

In a recent forum on associated content a good number of writers have seen their views drop drastically, with most showing a 30 to 75% drop in daily views and a few losing almost 100% of views in the last several weeks. The writers on this site who continue to do well, or have not lost many views tend to be the writers who either market their own articles through social websites rather than relying on google searches and those writers who are known for quality articles.

The fact that this site was hit hard by the changes in Google seem to be quite interesting since Associated content is part of the yahoo network so one would think most of the views would come from yahoo searches.

Demand Studios

Demand studios especially the Ehow section survived the changes in Google extremely well. However, Demand studios decided that some changes were in order anyway and has begun deleting Ehow articles that they feel are closely related. The notices sent out states that they are keeping the most popular articles and eliminating those that are less popular, but, at least one writer has mentioned that only the Ehow articles they had written prior to Ehow becoming part of Demand Studios seems to be coming under fire.

Hub Pages

Hubpages like AC was hit hard by the changes in Google and has decided to make changes of their own. They no longer accept content that has already been published and they ask that you keep the quality of your content high and your article subjects fresh and new.


While a few writers have reported small gains in their views a few others have reported a small loss in daily views. It seems overall, that Triond has withstood the Google changes relatively well. A search of a few of my own favorite articles did show that many had risen higher on the Google searches though my number of views is slightly less which may be due to the fact that I have written fewer articles in the last month.


Factoidz like Triond seems to be holding its own. At least writers don't seem to be complaining about large drops in views nor have my own views showed any significant drops. The sites that seem to do well seem to be the sites that have maintained a policy of original articles rather than allowing articles to be republished. This has prevented them from falling under the sites who took hard hits for having duplicate work.

Overall, the changes Google made is actually good for those writers who are dedicated to their craft. By making well written content the norm rather than the exception readers will get a real treat and writers will continue to work hard to improve their writing skills.

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Comments (1)

Interesting coverage. I read recently a link on the SheToldMe website - that linked to google saying that the duplicate content thing being a hinderance to views was a myth - I should have saved the link.