The Truth About Making Money On The Internet
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The Truth About Making Money On The Internet

Making money on the Internet is difficult and most websites owners fail to reach their expectations of making enough money to quit their day job..

The cold hard truth about making money on the Internet.

The Internet began in 1968 as a means for government, scientific and educational communication. It wasn't until 1995 that the first search engines were introduced and the average citizen could connect to the Internet through personal computers. As is with every new innovation the commercial value was soon discovered and the Internet boom was on.

Silicon Valley became the hub of internet entrepreneurs and fortunes were made as new applications, software and ideas were introduced to the public. We all know about Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Myspace and many other Internet giants that started out in garages, dorm rooms, bedrooms and basements by pimply faced computer geeks with pocket protectors.

Things have changed since the 90's and the Internet is a much more difficult and complex place for a want-a- be entrepreneur. Making money, and even fortunes, on the Internet is still a real possibility for those with the technology background and a large wallet but the days of the basement billionaire are pretty much over.

So, where does this leave the average person, blogger looking to make a few bucks to supplement their income? Truthfully, not in a very good spot. Making money on the Internet from a private blog or website has always been difficult and it's getting more so every day. There are millions and million of websites on the Web and the majority of these sites were/are created with the hopes of making money. That's a lot of competition for your average Joe working from home who just learned how to copy and paste.

It takes a lot of work and computer savvy to earn even a small amount on the Internet. I have had websites for more than ten years and add and update these websites daily, but, there's still no way I could quit my day job. And you're right, I'm not the brightest bulb in the fixture. Maybe I'm not a very good writer or the topics are not interesting enough to appeal to a large readership. Maybe I don't understand search engine optimization (SEO) well enough to promote my site and gain a high ranking in the search engines. What ever the reason, without traffic, visitors, readership or whatever other term you may use, without it. You just won't make it!

My sites earn, as most sites do, from pay per click (PPC) advertising. You place ads on your website and every time someone (a visitor) clicks on one of those ads you earn a small percentage of just a few cent. The average click rate is 1 to 3 ad clicks per 1000 visitors, so you can see that it takes a lot of visitors to your website to earn even a little. My sites average about 1000 visitors an hour and I earn enough a month to keep the sites up and going and for me to go out for a nice dinner.

The real benefactors of PPC are the advertisers such as Yahoo, Google Adsense and others. There are other sites claiming that you can earn enough to quit your job by signing up for their work from home programs. Sorry, but this too is nothing more than a scam to get your money. None work, if it did, everybody would be doing it. Affiliate networks are the same as PPC advertising only worse. They get exposure but you get nothing. Virtually no one clicks on an affiliate link.

I hope that I haven't discouraged you or burst your bubble but this is what I've learned from years of experience on the Web trying to get out of real work and earn a living sitting at my computer. I spent years learning how to do it, I just have not been able to do it. Maybe it will be different for you. You will never know until you try, but, I wouldn't quit my day job.

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