Tips How to Find an Email Address
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Tips How to Find an Email Address

The best tips of how you can find an email address of an individual

The fact that you could not remember and email address is a normal thing which should not bother you. There are many ways how to find an email address. If the person whose email you have lost was for a corporate, take the advantage because you could narrow your search. This is how to find an email address on a corporate domain. First of all, try typing the first name, second name and the domain name for instance, Jessie_micheal@domainname then try your luck. There is a likelihood of getting the email or at least getting a closer email to it. You could be given the option of several people whose names are in the domain and closely related to what you have searched for.

Another way on how to find an email address of someone you know the names but you do not his or her email address is going to the domain website if you happen to know his or her domain. Once you are in the website you could use the ‘search a member link’ which will then give you the chance of entering the person’s names. If the person used his right names you will be able to get the email address from the website as the website has a list of all the emails and the respective owners. This is an easy way though it requires you to know the host domains of the email address which you are searching for.

Another way on how to find an email address of someone you know is by using the Yahoo People Finder which has a search engine that will tend to get the combination of the person’s names and the list of closely related email addresses from the various hosts. For instance, if you are searching for someone called “Albert Omenge”, you will enter the first and the second name as press the “Go” button. It will the search and come up with various email addresses that are related to the person which exists. The engine will give you emails such as””, as many as they are available and they related to the names entered. You could thus get close emails from which you could be able to guess the one you suspect most.

The advantage of knowing how to find an email address using the Yahoo People Finder is that it is not limited to Yahoo domain users but cuts across to other domains. This is probably one of the most efficient ways to get someone’s email address though it doesn’t precisely confirm the email address but get the existing email addresses that are related to names you have entered.

Finally, another strategy which is a little risky is to try guessing the various email addresses you can come up with. This is likely to get you into trouble if you happened to go to a hostile user unaware. Guessing could be guided by the person’s name and much easier if you happen to know the domain he or she uses. It is very tedious and should be taken as a last result of how to find an email address of someone whom you have a hint of the name and domain.


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