Top Ten Most Visited Sites in the World
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Top Ten Most Visited Sites in the World

This is a list of the top ten most visited sites in the world, and it tells you whether the traffic has been rising or falling over the past two years.

Update: This article was originally written a couple of years ago, this is the top ten most visited sites for 2013 and it will probably be the same in 2014. 

The list now goes Google, Facebook, Yahoo, You Tube, Wikipedia, MSN, Amazon, eBay, Twitter, and Bing is number ten, according to eBiz. Below, you can see what the list was like in the recent past, based on the monthly reach of sites, which is the percentage of internet users who visit the site regularly. 

This top ten list of the most visited sites in the world is based on Alexa traffic stats, which are updated daily. Some of the sites you will recognize, and probably visit frequently yourself, and others you may have never heard of.

I have written other articles about the most searched words in the world, but this is a completely different set of statistics, as you will see.

This is not a top ten of what people are searching for on Google, it's the amount of people that visit the sites from all sources, and that's why the article is titled top ten most visited sites in the world.


Alexa didn't have the exact numbers that visit Google every day, and it is hard to find that information anywhere, except as an estimate, but what it does show is that Google has a "reach" of about 49% of all internet users in the world, rising from 30% two years ago.

This means that if there are a hundred million people online this month, almost fifty million of them will use Google at some point. At least I assume that's what the figures mean. Alexa does not make it easy to get accurate figures, but at least they list the most visited sites in order.


When I checked just now in February 2011, Facebook had a reach of about 40% of all internet users. This means that 40% of all the people online are visiting Facebook. In 2010 it was 30%, and in 2009 it was just over 15%. It looks like Facebook will eventually take over Google in terms of visits.

You Tube

You Tube have a reach of about 25% of all the people online, which is rising as well, but not as fast as Facebook. Neverthess, having a quarter of all internet users visiting your site is quite an achievement.


Yahoo has about 25% reach as well, but the traffic has been falling gradually over the past year. It seems that Yahoo is one of the few sites in the top ten that is losing popularity over time.


When I checked, Wikipedia had a reach of about 14% of online traffic, and it has been rising steadily over the past two years.

Windows Live

Windows Live by Microsoft is also losing popularity. It has a reach of about 13.5% of online traffic, falling from 20% two years ago.


Blogger is owned by Google, and has a reach of 13%, which has been rising steadily over the past two years. Whenever I tried to make a free blog there, I struggled to get any traffic at all, but some people have a knack for it.


Baidu is the leading Chinese language search engine. It has a reach of about 10%, and is definitely the most visited site in China. It has been growing steadily in traffic over the last two years.


Twitter has about 10% reach, and has grown from less than 1% in the last two years. It first gained media attention for being so incredibly pointless. Still, I use Twitter a fair bit as an article writer.

This site is a little like Yahoo for the people of China. It has instant messenger, email and a search engine. It has a reach of about 7.5% of all internet users in the world, and has been rising steadily in the last year.

That was the top ten most visited sites in the world, based on figures from Alexa, and I wish I could tell you more about exactly how many people are visiting these sites every day, but as I said, it's hard to find accurate figures anywhere.


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