Two Websites Where You Can Earn Money for Watching Ads
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Two Websites Where You Can Earn Money for Watching Ads

Earning money by watching ads. Two web sites where you can earn money for watching advertisements.

Advertisers know that with many families having DVR’s and other like devices that their products just are not going to be seen by that many people any more. Therefore many advertisers have become willing to pay you for watching their ads. They are doing this via the internet and a handful of websites have cashed in on the new advertising craze and by using those sites you can also earn some extra cash for watching ads. Some web sites are specifically for ad watching while other sites have other ways of earning cash in addition to the ads.

Two sites that simply are simply cashing in on the advertisements are and When you log in to either one of these sites you will be taken directly to ads that you can view. With Jingit you will click a button that says, “Jingit Now” and your first video will begin to play. If you look towards the top right hand corner you will see what the video you are currently watching is worth. Look a little further to the right and you will see your total cash earned balance.

After you sign up for Jingit and start earning you will then need to register for a card. The card is kind of like a Debit card and when you have the proper amount of money in your Jingit account you can request to have it sent to your card. Then you can use the card like you would any debit card. So far I have found everything about Jingit to be very easy and very straightforward and I received my card in the mail promptly as promised.

When you log in to Beezag you are also taken directly to the video watching page. You will see something that looks like a movie screen or a TV screen this is where your videos will play. Right below that screen you will the videos that are available for you to watch and directly under those videos are the amount of points that particular video is worth to you when you watch it.

Simply click on any one of those videos and watch it. You will have to keep your eye on the screen however, as two numbers will flash around the screen as the ad is playing. At the end of the video you will be asked what those two numbers were. Once you enter those two numbers in you will be credited for the video. You will of course want to watch all of the videos that are available every day if you want to earn the fastest way possible.

On the left hand side you will find your points balance. Once you receive 8000 points you can then request a paypal cash out. Each 1000 points is worth $1.00 so 8000 points is worth $8.00. You also can get people to sign up under you and you will get points every time they earn points which is nice.

Beezag is very reliable and I am usually paid within 5 days of cashing out from them.


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Nice share! This is the first, I've heard of these websites. Thanks for sharing valuable info. Voted

Interesting Rae. Thanks. Voted. I wait for your encouraging support.

I will have to try these. i too wrote an article about ways to make money online, but had never heard about these.