Using Skype and Facebook to Stay in Touch with Family and Friends
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Using Skype and Facebook to Stay in Touch with Family and Friends

One of the best ways to stay in touch with family and friends is to use the social networking sites Facebook and Skype.
I love computers for the things that they bring to us. When I got my first computer it cost me a fortune and internet access was in its infancy. At that time I accessed the internet through Prodigy. We certainly have come a long way since then. Now we have some wonderful programs and internet sites out there that really can keep us in touch with family and friends like never before. One of my favorites is Facebook. When I first signed up for Facebook I never imagined the number of old friends and relatives that I would be able to find. I have befriended old high school classmates and keep in touch with relatives that I never thought I would hear from again.

Skype is another program that is a lot of fun. I use Skype to keep in touch with my granddaughter who is a year old. Both she and I love it. I get really tickled when I call her up and she gets excited when she sees her Nana. If you have family that lives away from you, you have to try this. You will all love it.

A Facebook account is extremely easy to set up. You just go to and hit the sign up button. Once you complete the sign up process you will have a homepage and a wall. The home page is where you will see things that you and your friends are doing. You will need to find and request people to be your friends. When I first started, I never imagined that I would end up with over 90 friends. I know that some people have a lot more friends than that. You will also have a wall where you can post text messages and where your friends can leave comments for you. I love posting pictures for all to see and I love seeing all the pictures that everyone else posts.

You do need to use caution with Facebook as you wouldn’t want to post your pictures without designating the privacy settings on the pictures you upload. It is especially important if you are posting pictures of your family because if you fail to apply the privacy settings the photos are visible for everyone on Facebook to view.

Don’t post your address, and be careful about the personal information you divulge. You wouldn’t want to give hackers any information that would allow you to fall victim to identity theft. If you were to post your address, and then be on vacation this could be a way for someone to have enough information to rob you. You always have to think about security when you do anything on the internet.

Skype is what I use to keep in touch with my granddaughter. Unfortunately we live far apart. I am able to talk with and see her. Since she is a toddler, she is changing so quickly and I enjoy seeing the different stages that she is going through.

For Skype you will need a webcam with a microphone. My webcam has the microphone built in and was very easy to set up. It plugs into my usb port and easily integrates with Skype. A Skype account for pc to pc is free. It saves money because you aren't burning up your cell minutes.

A Skype account was an extremely easy thing to set up. It uses email accounts to find the person you want to connect to. You will want to make sure that you go into the options and check that you will only accept calls from people in your contact list. Otherwise you will be bugged by calls from people you don't know.

There are other ways to keep in touch with family. These are just a couple of easy options that aren't difficult to use, and won’t cost you a penny.

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Comments (2)
tita neef

to my relatives and my friends only

Ranked #10 in Internet

Exactly, I'm not interested in talking to strangers over Skype or Facebook.